CPC – Egypt for Industrial Development Company was established in 2007, one of the construction materials holding companies, where their main objectives were to develop and manage industrial zones and marketing them, as well as to build industrial and service buildings, housing for workers, and to build, market, sell and manage factories.

Therefore, CPC has joined the "Industrial Developer" program, which was launched by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in 2006 with the aim of allowing the private sector to contribute to the development and construction of industrial complexes in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

CPC Industrial Complex in 6th of October City
CPC was the first industrial development company to sign with the Industrial Development Authority in July 2007 to build an industrial complex on an area of 1,500,000 m2 in the city of 6th of October and obtained the developer's license No. 1 for 2007.
The CPC industrial complex's land has been divided mainly according to the following activities:

• Building materials industries
• Food industry
• Various industrial activities
• Central services area – Logistics area

As well, CPC has provided all the necessary facilities related to the service of factories in general, in order to achieve the necessary integration of the industrial environment within the complex. Part of these services may be as follows:
• Housing for workers within the complex
• A complex of shops and restaurants
• Administrative offices
• Mosque
• Training center
• Medical clinic
• Recreational areas and playgrounds
• Green spaces
• Storage and logistics zone with an area of 72,000 m2
• Maintenance services for the industrial complex 24/7
• Offices for government agencies and related non-governmental entities (one-window)

In addition to the establishment of a complex of small and medium-sized industries with operational units to serve various industries, especially those that complement the numerous activities within the complex.

CPC is currently developing its second project in Sadat city on an area of 1.1 million m2, which is an integrated service industrial complex, that also includes a complex for small and medium-sized industries within it.

The success of the CPC Industrial Complex in 6th of October City was represented in the following indicators.

• The volume of investments within the complex amounted to 2.4 billion Egyptian Pounds.
• The creation of nearly 12,000 jobs.
• The number of productive factories in the complex reached (65) factories and the number of factories under construction (10), in addition to the factories in the area of small and medium-sized industries.
• Sale of approximately 96% of the industrial land within the complex.
• Completion of the construction, sale and reservation of 56 industrial units from the first phase in the small and medium-sized industries area of the complex with a significant increase in demand for the following stages.

Starting of the sale and construction of the second phase of the SME zone with (28) industrial and service units with areas starting from 700 m2, built on an area of 35,500 m2.

CPC Industrial Complex in Sadat City
The CPC Industrial Complex in Sadat City is an integrated complex to serve industrial investors on an area of 1.1 million m2, divided into several industrial sectors: Building materials and chemical industries Food and pharmaceutical industries Textile, leather and engineering and electronic industries As well as a dedicated area for small and medium-sized industries comprising 110 units with a total area of 70,000 m2 including warehouses and showrooms. Road networks, electricity, water, drainage, civil defense, gas and communications are implemented in accordance with the highest standards to meet all the needs of factories and future services.

The industrial complex includes various services to serve factories within the complex, including but not limited to:
• Residential buildings for workers
• Administrative buildings
• Restaurants and cafeterias
• Nursery
• Recreational area and sports fields
• Medical clinic
• Social club
• A well-equipped training center (technical training)
• Fire center
• Technical and mechanical workshops
• Showrooms – sale outlets
• Logistics services
• Hygiene/information technology.

In addition to security and maintenance services throughout 24/7 to maintain the safety of factories and external facilities of the complex.

The projected investment volume is EGP 2 billion 10,000 jobs creation The allocation of 100 plots for the construction of factories in different sectors In addition to logistics areas, service areas, green areas and playgrounds

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