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Egypt industrial zones:

Egypt has industrial zones such as 10th of Ramadan and The 6th of October Cities. A piece of land as an industrial park does not create any value unless the park is additionally equipped with important ingredients that attract foreign manufacturing firms. The industrial parks automatically generate economic benefits to the country and investors.

Factors of Success:

Egypt has the key conditions for a successful industrial park:-

i) Location.

ii) Infrastructure Services.

iii) Management Capability

i) Location:

Studies showed that location is one the most important factors for successful industrial park. 6th of October has many location advantages such as:

1- Proximity to all ports of Egypt , Land transportation fast, cheap, and reliable.

2- Availability of a large supply of professionals and workers at reasonable cost.

3- Amenities for professionals, managers, engineers, and foreigners who like to live in big city where good food, nice shops, and entertainment are available

ii) Management Capability:

The management of an industrial park is efficient and responsive. Investors (especially foreign ones) have a large number of problems in setting up and running their factories, so the managing company of the park will guide and support them to make their business plan goes smoothly.

Studies also showed that quick response to the demand of each customer is the key toward success and building a tight relationship with the investors. So the management must work directly and in the least amount of time to respond to the client's firm whenever a problem arises, day and night, and takes personal responsibility for solving it.

Some other points should be taken into consideration for a successful industrial park:-

-Investment Laws:

Egyptian government has developed a lot of investment laws to protect all the rights of the investors, and to provide facilities and advantages to encourage the investors to invest in Egypt . Investment laws have been development for equal treatment regardless of nationality of any investors.

-Business Rule :

The most important business rule in a market-oriented economy is customer satisfaction, where it applies to any industry. It is neither government nor industrial park developer who decides which firms or industry will come to the park. It is entirely up to manufacturing firms themselves to make the decision.

Industrial parks constitute part of economic infrastructures and should be built by the host country itself. If the host country and foreign developer successfully cooperate to meet the needs of client firms, the industrial park will generate benefits and advantages to all the actors of this investment: host country, the developer, and the investing firms.





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